Friday, December 16, 2005

Jayne Mansfield - Platinum blonde

Jayne MansfieldStarting with this blog, I want to write about Jayne Mansfield first. This beauty is the very icon represents my type the most, glamour, curvy and shapen like a bottle of softdrink.

Jayne Mansfield, best known as blonde goddess of the 1950s in Hollywood, was born Vera Jane Palmer on April 13 1933. Her father was a lawyer and her mother became a teacher later.

Mansfield earned lasting fame of gorgeous platinum blonde hair and glamorous bust. She was also known as one of the "Three M's" with Marilyn Monroe and Mamie Van Doren. Someone has a kind of mistaken belief that a busty woman isn't smart, that's nonsense you know, but many people around her said that she was really intellectual woman. Mansfield glittered in the mid-century in many magazines and movies.

On June 29 1967, a curtain of Mansfield' life got pulled down suddenly in auto accident. I've heard from a instructor when I used to take driving lessons that Mansfield had received an injury to the neck seriously because of back opening bonnet, but the urban legend is unsure.

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Jayne Mansfield - Platinum blonde
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